Forum Title: Backflow preventor?!
We are in the process of finishing our basement ourselves. In the handouts provided by our city, per our code, it says that backflow protection on basement fixtures is required and accessible at finals. What does this mean?! Is there a special fitting that gets installed before the shutoff valve? Or was this already installed on our house that was built in 2003 that services all of our house? Thank you greatly!
Category: Plumber Post By: PAUL TAYLOR (Chico, CA), 07/07/2016

I am not sure what your situation is. I would find the drain under the concrete and cut in a back water valve. the only way it works is if all the basement fixtures are coming off the same sanitary line then tie into the main. If they ran separate lines out to each fixture then im not sure what you do. The time for this to be done is during the rough plumbing stage. It is hard to do after the fact.

- NELSON MARQUEZ (Danville, VA), 09/10/2017

The concrete is already poured with rough plumbing done for the toilet, shower, and vanity. How do you have it accessible in this situation?

- Jason H (O'Fallon, MO), 09/20/2017

What we have to do is a back water valve on the sanitary in the basement. That way if a back up occurs it doesnt flood the basement. It has a service opening that needs to be left accessible when you do the concrete.

- SARAH GONZALEZ (Laredo, TX), 10/14/2017

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