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Keep your plumbing safe from frozen pipes

There are lots of problems that peril the plumbing system of your home at regular intervals. Some of them are easy to deal with while there are many that can be quite difficult to tackle. At the same time there are many plumbing problems that we give more importance than the others while there are many such problems that we tend to neglect. One such problem is the frozen pipes. This is something to which we do not pay much attention unless we live in a cold region. But we ought to keep in mind that frozen pipes can be a problem even in a desert like area, for example, Las Vegas. This is because the nights get pretty cold in such areas. It is true that a good plumbing professional will be able to mend a frozen pipe with ease but a better approach is to prevent the happening of frozen pipes.

Frozen pipes often hit hardest with your outside plumbing lines: sprinklers, outdoor fountains and the like. Shut off the water to your outside pipes by turning off the main valve to your home, and then turn on all of your sprinklers and outdoor faucets to drain the water. Coil up any garden hoses after draining them. If you repeat this process quite a few times you can expect to keep a lot of hardships at bay.
If you are living in a desert like region it is obvious that we have a tendency to save water. But always keep in mind that burst pipes are a lot more expensive than a little lost water. Hence, you ought to do the needful. It is recommended that before you go to bed each night, turn your faucets and outlets on for a tiny trickle of water. It will make a big difference in preventing freezing.


Usually it is seen that we do not insulate our plumbing pipes much if we live in an area like Las Vegas because insulation is considered more of a winter protection. But insulation works well in the summer too, and insulating your pipes in particular can help prevent them from freezing. You should pay particular attention to pipes located in outside walls, where they’re more vulnerable to cold temperatures.

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